Radiographic testing

Radiographic testing (RT) is performed to detect defects in welds and parent material of potentially dangerous equipment, constructions and pipe lines.

Following defects are detectible by means of radiographic testing: cracks, slag and inclusions, lack of fusions, pores and porosity, other defects and discontinuities.

X-ray machines (ISOVOLT mobil (GE Inspection Technologies), Andrex CP 552 (Adrex) and gamma sources (RID-Se 4P (SE-75), RID-IS/120/P (Ir-192)) are used for RT. Films are processed using AGFA automated processing machines.

Testing standards: GOST 7512-82, LST EN ISO 17636-1:2013, LST EN ISO 17636-2:2013, PNAE G-7-017-89.

RT certified employees: 1 specialist RT level 3, 30 specialists level 2 and 8 specialist level 1 certified in accordance with LST EN ISO 9712.