Leak testing

Leak testing is based on detection of liquid or gas testing media leaks through the defects in the objects being tested.

UAB „DEKRA Industrial“ is accredited to perform leak testing using bubble emission, pressure change and tracer gas methods. Leak testing is used for the leak tightness verification of pressure vessels, welded and bolted joints, tanks at the different industry. Exact leak position can be identified.

Following equipment and materials are used for leak testing:

  • foam solution MR99;
  • Helium leak detector Helitest;
  • absolute pressure meters Membranovac DM11, DM12 with pressure probes DI200 ir DI2000.

Absolute pressure measuring equipment

Leak testing standards:

  • LST EN 1593:2001+A1:2005 – bubble emission method;
  • LST EN 13184:2002+A1:2004 – pressure change method;
  • LST EN 13185:2002+A1:2004 – tracer gas method;
  • ПНАЭ Г-7-019-89 – liquid and gas leak testing methods (The equipment and pipe work of nuclear power plants).

Personnel: five LT level 2 inspectors, certified in accordance with LST EN ISO 9712 requirements.